Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Gibson 2015 Lineup

Written by: Jimmy McQuade

Date: December 2nd, 2014

Gibson USA has launched its 2015 lineup, and the guitars come in some new finishes with some new playing improvements that you should know about. 2015 also marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Les Paul, the guitarist, luthier, and, among many other titles, inventor, after whom Gibson’s most famous guitar model was named, and who had helped design what is probably the most recognizable instrument ever manufactured. This may be why Gibson’s 2015 line is being branded as ‘The Celebration of Innovation,’ and according to the company’s website: “It is in this spirit that Gibson USA has established the business practice of introducing a new model line every year in the fall. Every new Model Year is the culmination of research on how we can make the most advanced guitars.” So let’s check out what’s on offer for 2015.

The big improvement, or amenity, to Gibson’s new line is the G-Force™ automatic tuning system, which asPremier Guitar boasts is “the best and simplest experience yet in an automatic tuning system” and “a significant improvement on the Min-ETune system – easier to use, with enhanced features and increased speed.” What’s interesting about the new system is that it offers a choice between a quick and dirty tune and a precision one. For tuning on the fly, one only need to turn the G-Force™ on and simply strum once; the automatic tuning system does the rest. Otherwise, for a more precise tune, the player pretty much follows the same steps, but instead of giving the strings a strum, he plucks each individual string once and the system tunes each string more accurately. In addition to this, the player has a number of alternate tuning options to choose from; the G-Force™ can tune to Standard (obviously); DADGAD; E-Flat; Open E, A, D, & G; Dobro; and All Fourths, among others. This system only may be worth your considering a Gibson 2015 model as your next axe of choice.

The other improvements for Gibson 2015 are, as Premier Guitar lists, “the new zero fret nut which is a patented applied for nut that has adjustable action capabilities. The new Tune-O-Matic bridge features a hex wrench adjustment on thumbscrews for easy action adjustments. All guitars receive a professional set up with accurate intonation, and a new PLEK program with 27% lower fret wire.”

For more specific details of what’s new with Gibson, go ahead and visit their website here.

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